Sunday, April 29, 2012

Today I worked on a DIY (very limited release of 5 cassettes) called "Portraits," a rap tape of beats and remixes that function as sound paintings, each painting-- a portrait of a rap artist. It features Missy Elliot, Gza, Jay Z, Tu Pac, Nas, Slug, my girl Mandy, from Akwarian Sea Rebel, and self portrait (mascara) some others. I've always been fascinated with portraits and right now I'm working a lot with home mixing and low fi recording. I will always remain true to the warm, fuzzy, compressed sound of tapes and love how spirits get caught on tape--makes me think of The Ghost in the Shell. When I make a tape, each individual cassette has a bit of my soul in it, as well as whatever else it picks up and absorbs on the molecular level during the recording process. The sound may not be as clean as some other forms of recording, but it's got soul. A shit load of soul. As I sit and record, and then record again from the master copy, my studio and living room actually transform. The warmth in the tape is the warmth of my room. I can actually feel my circulation improve. 

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